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Remove Hot Tubs

Removing Whirlpool Hot Tubs

Hot Tub Removal in the Triangle
Hot Tub Removal in the Triangle

Hot Tubs can be an enjoyable and relaxing experience. Until you are ready to get rid of them! At that point they become everything but enjoyable and relaxing. That is until you pick up the phone or book online with Junk Doctors. Our professional team has the truck, the equipment, and the man (or woman) power to make that hot tub go away in no time!

The Process

Schedule a two hour arrival window with us and we will come out with the truck, the tools, and the team. We will then take a look at your hot tub and quote you a price. Pricing is still a volume based rate. We do not charge any extra for the extra labor involved in removing the hot tub. We will take our tool and cut the hot tub into three sections and then cart it safely to our truck without damaging your property or hurting ourselves. We will then sweep up the dust that falls down onto your deck or will rake up the dust that falls on your yard.

Your online pricing estimator is great. But it doesn’t estimate hot tub costs?

Pricing does depend on the size of your hot tub. It will generally run in between a 2/3rd  load to a full load. As of April 1st, 2014 that would be a price range of $325-$415.

Is there anything I need to do before you come?

We do ask that the hot tub be fully drained and if it is hard wired to your home that the wiring is disconnected. Once that has been done simply give us a call and we will take over from there.

I have a beautiful lawn. How will you keep from damaging it?

We have a process that allows two people to easily handle your hot tub. We have special equipment where we can cut the hot tub into sections. That means that we can carry the pieces to the truck. We will not drive into your yard or drag the hot tub across it. Please let our team know any special instructions regarding your landscaping before they begin work.

Call Junk Doctors and let them remove the junk for you!



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