Junk Removal in Charlotte NC: Your Options and Choices

Removing junk and old stuff from your home or office can be such a hassle. Not only will you need to remove these items from your home or from your building, but you also need to ensure that these are removed from the premises safely and properly. While you can DIY your junk removal tasks, it is actually better if you hire a company that specializes in junk removal in Charlotte NC.

When you are looking to hire professional junk removal in Charlotte NC, you will find that there are actually quite a number of companies listed as junk removal and hauling specialists here. The choices and options you have to include the following:

All-around Junk Removal Companies

These are companies that specialize in just about any kind of junk and trash that you may have. These include items that can be recycled, garbage that need to be taken to trash dumps, and furniture and mattresses. These companies can also haul and dump appliances and electronics, old clothes and fabrics, and even toxic chemicals that require a special license and certification for a company to be able to haul these away.

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Recyclable Only

There are a few companies that specialize only in hauling recyclable junk, although there are not that many of these. They focus on collecting recyclables such as plastics, metal, cardboard, glass bottles, tiles, and other similar items that can either be repurposed or returned to their original raw form and remade into other more useful items. These companies often know where to take these items for recycling and are staunch advocates of environmental wellbeing.

Construction Waste Only

These are junk hauling companies that specialize in the waste that is produced by construction sites and deconstruction jobs. Some of these companies even offer their own deconstruction services with junk hauling added in for a two-in-one service that is lucrative for them. These companies have the heavy-duty equipment needed to remove and haul construction junk away safely and often have personnel who are trained to handle such heavy and sometimes dangerous materials for hauling and dumping.

Chemical and Hazardous Waste Only

These are companies that specialize in the hauling and disposing of junk that is considered hazardous not only to the environment but also to the people who are exposed to these. Such companies need to have specialized equipment, specialized training, and certifications from government agencies like the EPA in order to operate such a company for junk removal in Charlotte NC. They will need to comply with specific guidelines for safe removal, hauling, and transport of such substances and they will also need to take these to special sites where these hazardous wastes can be safely disposed of.

These are just some of the junk removal company types you may encounter when looking for the right junk hauling company for your needs. Of course, the most common type is the one that hauls just about anything under the sun, although more-often-than-not, these companies rarely handle hazardous wastes. These are often left to specialists with the right equipment and training as well as certifications for it.