Concrete Removal in NC

Concrete Removal Raleigh, NC and Surrounding

Have an old patio, driveway, or concrete slab that you are ready to get rid of? Then give us a call. Our team is one of the very few companies in the Raleigh and surrounding area who will complete your entire concrete removal project.  We will use a jackhammer to break apart your slab and then load it into our trucks.

Full Service with No Headaches

Concrete removal is likely not something that you will want to make a DIY project. The actual breaking up of the slab is possible to do yourself; however without good tools and some strong help it is back breaking, slow work. Then you are faced with hauling off the concrete. You are not able to take concrete to your local dump. Concrete must be disposed of at a C and D landfill or concrete recycling center. Also, a standard sized pickup truck can haul very little concrete without being overweight. Junk Doctors removes concrete driveways, slabs, and patios in the Cary and surrounding areas on a regular basis. We have the tools, trucks, expertise, and strong backs to do the job right.

What does it cost?

Concrete is priced differently that that of our normal junk removal services. Many factors play into the cost of your concrete removal job. Has the concrete already been broken up? What size is the slab, driveway, patio, etc? What type of access do we have with our trucks? If it is a large job are we able to get our bobcat to the concrete or will we have to wheel it around manually? All of these are factors that will affect the cost of  your job. A good rough estimate is to figure about $4.60 a square foot for 4 inch thick concrete and about $7 a square foot for 6 inch thick concrete. This includes breaking the concrete as well as hauling it away. You will receive a firm, no obligation price estimate before  your job begins. There will be no surprises and you will know your out the door cost before we begin. We can provide the estimate within two business days (Monday through Saturday).

How soon can you start?

Junk Doctors prides itself on having some of the quickest turn-a-round times in the hauling business. This is extremely important with our junk removal service. However we do understand that many homeowners want to get a home improvement project completed in a timely manner. Normally, Junk Doctors can start a concrete removal job within two business days (Monday through Saturday). The amount of time to complete the project is dependent on the size. If concrete has already been broken up we normally can complete  your job in a half day or less. Projects that require us to break up a slab can take an entire day for a small to medium job or two or more days for a larger job. You will be given a timeline at the time of the quote.

I have a beautiful back yard. Will it be damaged by doing this project?

Junk Doctors is able to remove concrete from a back yard with minimal damage. Damage to your back yard can be next to nothing. However this does tend to add to the cost because it often times prevents us from bringing our skid steer close to the project. That means our strong team must manually roll the concrete in wheelbarrows to the skid steer so it can be loaded  into the truck or trailer. This increases our labor cost so it becomes a bit more expensive that way. However it will preserve you well maintained lawn.

Why Choose Junk Doctors?

Locally owned and operated, Junk Doctors will care for your home as if it were their own. Though we are one of the larger junk removal companies in the Triangle and Triad areas an owner of the company will either be participating in the work or directly overseeing all concrete removal jobs (for projects that require us to both tear up as well as haul away the concrete. Smaller jobs where concrete has already been removed could be carried out by two of our well trained team members). Our unmatched customer service, quick turn-a-round times, attention to detail, and competitive rates make us the easy choose for your concrete hauling project.

Services Offered

  • Patio Deconstruction and Removal
  • Sidewalk Deconstruction and Removal
  • Driveway Deconstruction and Removal
  • Retaining wall Deconstruction and Removal
  • Brick patio Deconstruction and Removal
  • Small Concrete/Brick Structure Deconstruction and Removal
  • And more! Call today.

Service area: Triangle and the Triad

We offer concrete removal to the following areas and more:

  • Greater Raleigh Area
  • Greater Greensboro Area
  • Greater Charlotte Area
  • Greater Wilmington Area
  • Greater Fayetteville Area
  • Don’t see your area? Call 919-466-9322.

How to Schedule

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