What makes us Different?

Two Members of our team ready to Work!
Two Members of our team ready to work!

Ok, we admit it. We aren’t the only junk removal team in town. However, we believe there are three major reasons you will like our product better than our competitors.


1.) The tools we use: Junk Doctors uses the same tools that a professional moving company uses. This is a recent change for us. After years of operating the same way everyone else does, which is simply relying on brute strength; we have finally invested money in the proper tools.  We have the 4 wheel dollies, appliance dollies, and straps to help us lift as well as safely move your items. We also have door protection pads, banister pads, and door jamb pads that we can use if needed in order to ensure that your property is left in the same condition it was when we arrived… less all that junk! This change was made with both the customer in mind as well as our team.  Before we made the switch we would be carrying a heavy item, such as a 300 pound rear projection screen TV, down three flights of stairs. We would glance at our customer and you could tell they were nervous and stressed. They were worried that our guys were going to drop the TV, damage their property, and hurt themselves. We now have the straps, dollies, and pads to ensure that our team stays safe, your property is protected, and your hair remains on your head! This is definitely not the standard in the junk removal industry.

2.) The people that are apart of our team: Many companies like to claim this. We claim it and believe it with 100% confidence. We interview eight people for every one we hire. We pay well above industry average which allows us to hire talented team members, who show up on time, and who are ready to give their work 100%. The main things we look for in team members are individuals who are smart, have a great personality, are clean cut, and who are ready to work hard. What does that mean for you? That means that you will get a team of guys that are pleasant to be around, can follow your directions, will make  you feel safe as well as secure, who will complete your job in a timely, professional manner, which will save you time and leave you happy. Junk Doctors hires right and trains right. We believe our team makes our organization. They are the ones that are directly in touch with our customers. They are the ones that are helping build what we consider the greatest asset of any business, which is a positive relationship with its customers.

3.) We are locally owned and operated: Your money stays in the local economy. Contrary to popular belief, Junk Doctors is not a franchise. Lee Godbold and Christian Fowler founded the company. Fowler is a 3rd generation native of Apex and Godbold is a fifth generation native of Cary. Both have recently purchased homes in Holly Springs.

We are one of two locally owned junk removal companies
in the area. All other companies are franchises. That means that 11%-14% of your money is going to either Canada, California, or Florida in the form of royalties when you spend money with our competitors. When you use Junk Doctors you can be certain that your money is staying in the Triangle.

We believe these are the three major things that make us the best pick for you for your junk removal project. Let us know at the time of booking that you read this post and you want $30 off for jobs 1/6th load or up and if you have enough to fill our truck up then you want $50 off your first full load. If you book online then simply put “JD stands apart” in the promo code section. Feel free to call us. We look forward to talking with you!